Upcoming Construction and Maintenance

The ACC always makes sure everything looks and works great in Anthem! Residents and guests will want to be aware of big and small projects happening during the next few months.

  • Soccer Fields 1 and 2: repairs to the cellphone tower begin Tuesday, Nov. 7. The fields will be available for use evenings during the week and normal hours on the weekends. This project will finish at the end of December depending on the weather.
  • Softball Field 2: beginning Thursday, December 1 the field will be closed for the replacement of the cellphone tower. It’s estimated this project will take two months to complete depending on the weather.
Routine maintenance:

  • Concrete removal and replacement will happen in various sections of the Community Park. Everybody is asked to be careful by avoiding work-in-progress areas.
  • You might see somebody working on the railroad. Don’t worry - Daisy Mountain Railroad will continue its normal operating schedule for everybody to enjoy.
As a safety precaution, everybody is asked to stay away from construction zones, away from parked/stored construction equipment, and other hazardous areas as marked.