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The Anthem Veterans Memorial (AVM), located in Community Park, is a monument dedicated to honor the service and sacrifice of our country’s armed forces. It is a place of honor and reflection for veterans, their family and friends, and also is a place to show respect to those service men and women who have and continue to courageously serve our country.

Purchase a veteran paver to be included in the Circle of Honor, or learn more about making a donation.

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five pillar significance

  • The five pillars represent the unity of the five branches of the United States military serving steadfast together.
  • Staggered in size with their appropriate military seal placements on each pillar, the pillars are arranged in Department of Defense order of precedence.
  • At precisely 11:11 a.m. each Veterans Day (Nov. 11), the sun's rays pass through the ellipses of the five Armed Services pillars to form a solar spotlight on the glass mosaic of The Great Seal of the United States.  
  • The brick pavers within the Circle of Honor are inscribed with the names of U.S. servicemen and women, symbolizing the 'support' for the Armed Forces. The pavers are red, the pillars are white, and the sky is blue to represent America's flag.
  • The circle, flanked by two "Soldier Rows," represents an unbreakable border.

Learn the "Engineering Behind the Memorial," with Jim Martin, Chief Engineer. 

The Anthem Veterans Memorial copyright is shared by the Anthem Community Council and artist Renee Palmer-Stevens. Duplication of this monument is forbidden.


Ceremonies are held each Memorial Day (9 a.m.) and Veterans Day (10 a.m.) at the Anthem Veterans Memorial. Details can be found on the community calendar.

The 2021 Veterans Day Ceremony will be held Nov. 11 at 10 a.m., and also is the 10th anniversary of the Anthem Veterans Memorial. 

honors and awards

  • Arizona Historic Landmark Designation 2012 – Arizona Historical Society
  • Arizona Public Works Project of the Year Award 2012 – Arizona Chapter of the American Public Works Association (APWA)
  • ACEC 2012 Grand Award – Best Engineering and Environmental Consulting Project – American Consulting Engineers Companies
  • America Vietnam War Commemoration Partner


avm contact

Kristi Northcutt, Senior Director of Community Relations (ceremonies/media & pavers)