what is an HOA?

A homeowners' association (HOA) is formed by a real estate developer (i.e. Pulte/Del Webb) for the purpose of managing homes and lots in a residential community. Anthem has three HOAs that work to maintain the look, quality and value of the properties in the Anthem community. Each HOA has a volunteer, elected Board of Directors, made up of homeowners from their association.

  • Parkside (7,229 homes; 5-member Board, 3 representatives on the ACC Board)
  • Country Club (2,866 homes; 5-member Board; 3 representatives on the ACC Board)
  • Village (210 condos; 5-member Board; 1 representative on the ACC Board)
 how are the HOAs different from the ACC?


  • Maintain residential design standards;
  • Troubleshoot neighborhood and resident concerns; and
  • Oversee HOA and ACC Board elections


  • Sets and supports policies and amenities for the entire community;
  • Manages commercial properties; and
  • Collects assessments on behalf of the HOAs