ACC board of directors

Elections provide residents an opportunity to represent the community on the ACC Board of Directors. Directors elected to the ACC Board serve three-year terms. Learn more about the ACC Board.

HOA boards of directors

Boards of all three Homeowners’ Associations are elected each spring, and the HOAs conduct the elections for the ACC. Learn more about the HOAs.

2022 HOA and ACC board elections

In the spring of 2022, elections will be held to fill open seats on the three HOA Boards of Directors and the ACC Board of Directors. Open seats include:

  • ACC Board: 1 APCA and 1 ACCCA seat
  • APCA Board: 3 seats 
  • ACCCA Board: 3 seats 
  • VACCC Board: 5 seats

The tentative timeline for the 2022 election cycle is:

  • Jan. 4: Call for Candidates
  • Jan. 24: Deadline to file candidacy
  • Feb. 8: Meet the Candidates Night (Parkside); ACCCA and VACCC to be announced
  • Feb. 16: Voting begins
  • March 11: Election ends
  • March 14: Verify election
  • March 16: Announce election winners
  • April: New Board members take their seats at Board meetings

area elected officials

Residents are encouraged to engage with elected officials who represent Anthem on legislative issues at the local, regional and state levels.

On the second Friday of each month at the Civic Building (via Zoom during COVID-19 restrictions), residents are invited to a Town Hall meeting with area elected officials, from 9–10:30 a.m. The event is co-hosted by the Friends of Daisy Mountain Trails.