New directors for ACC and HOA Boards elected

Each spring, the ACC and HOAs elect new members to their Boards of Directors. Anthem Country Club Community Association (ACCCA) and Anthem Parkside Community Association (APCA) both had three open seats on their Boards; elected directors serve two-year terms. The ACC had two open seats on its Board; one each representing the residents of the ACCCA and APCA. The Village will announce their results in April.

ACC Board
Doug Sutherland was elected to the ACC Board, representing Parkside residents. Barb Patterson was elected and will represent Country Club on the ACC Board. Outgoing ACC directors Dino Cotton (APCA) and Roger Willis (ACCCA) will be recognized at the April meeting (subject to change).

HOA Boards
Shari Miller, Alex Abess and Robert Omer were elected to the Board for APCA.
Barb Birdseye, Carl Benner and Greg Strand were elected to open seats on the ACCCA Board.

The Boards are scheduled to be seated at the April Board meeting; officers will be elected at this time, as well (date subject to change).

The ACC and HOAs thank all residents who participated as candidates, and those who voted in the election. Board meeting schedules can be found online in the Community Calendar.