The 411 on shrub maintenance

DLC_Resources_LogoDid you know seasonal shrub pruning is one technique used to promote the health and beauty of your common area plants? As you may have noticed, DLC crews are in the process of cutting back shrubs to about half their size or smaller. Others may even be cut to just 12-18” off the ground.

DLC has worked closely with community management to implement this pruning plan, which is an industry-standard practice for promoting healthy and sustainable shrub pruning and managing shrub size. Under this plan, shrubs are cut back once during the year and are then generally left to grow into their allotted growth space during the rest of the year. Minimal pruning may be done here and there to help prevent shrubs from blocking sightlines or growing over curbs or sidewalks.

Many shrubs in Anthem are currently oversized, some reaching 6-8 feet tall or higher, so this may look very drastic immediately following the prune. However, this is the healthiest and most sustainable way to trim your shrubs for several reasons. Here’s why: it allows the shrubs to grow back into their allotted space during the following growing season, keeping them at a manageable size. It also allows you to enjoy their seasonal color, which tends to be more vibrant, because shrubs are not being trimmed during their flowering season.

As a bonus, less water is required to care for seasonally pruned shrubs, compared to plants that are being constantly sheared. This also saves the community money.

Crews are currently working on seasonal pruning throughout the community and have focused on Jojoba, Lantana, Bursage and Red Birds of Paradise plants. In the weeks and months following the pruning, you will see new, fresh growth on the shrubs.