Riverview development moves forward

The Phoenix City Council at its Sept. 4, 2019 meeting, approved a new development north of Anthem, referred to as "Riverview." As part of the vote, a stipulation was added: That no development activity, which includes - but is not limited to - construction of site infrastructure, walls, buildings, or any type of grading shall commence on the site for a minimum of six months from the date of City Council approval.

The not-to-exceed 170-unit single-family residence development will not be part of Anthem or its HOAs.

At the Phoenix Planning Commission meeting on June 6, 2019, the Commission voted unanimously (6-0) to approve a rezoning request to allow a 170 single-family residential development on the west side of I-17 near Circle Mountain Ranch. There were two added stipulations as part of the vote: 1) the project shall not exceed 170 homes; and 2) the lift station must be located at least 160-feet from the south property line. 

Anthem Community Council (ACC) Community Executive Officer Neal Shearer, ACC Board members, and several residents spoke at the meeting in opposition to the rezoning as proposed. While the developer has indicated that they would like Anthem to consider annexation of the subdivision, both the ACC and the Parkside Homeowners' Association are on record that neither intends to annex this development.

At the Rio Vista Planning Committee meeting held May 14, 2019, Shearer, several Anthem residents, and others spoke in opposition of the request, citing lack of infrastructure and public safety resources to support the added population density. Board President Roger Willis also questioned the committee about where development impact fees collected from this area to fund Phoenix street improvements, public safety, parks, etc. are being directed.  

At an information-only Rio Vista Planning Committee meeting held April 9, 2019, Shearer and Willis addressed the committee with concerns about the proposed rezoning.  At that meeting, the developer agreed to work with the city of Phoenix to fund a dual left turn lane and light signal at Anthem Way for southbound traffic on 43rd Avenue. They also verbally committed to single-story homes on the southern end of the development, adjacent to Anthem homes, to alleviate line-of-sight concerns. 

The advisory committee voted to deny the request of the developer to rezone the area. Despite the committee's decision, the application proceeded to the city of Phoenix Planning Commission meeting, and then ultimately to the City Council, where it was approved.