Changes to assessments; payment options

Country Club and The Landing homeowners will see increased assessment amounts for 2019. Both the Anthem Country Club Community Association and Parkside Association Boards of Directors (for The Landing neighborhood) approved assessment increases for the HOA portion of their quarterly assessments.

This changes the total quarterly assessment amount for Country Club and Landing HOAs only. Homeowners who pay by check or online must update their payment amount. The new quarterly total (HOA & ACC) for Country Club owners, effective January 1, 2019 is $484.50. For Landing owners, the new total (HOA & ACC) quarterly assessment is $325.23.

Direct Debit payment program

The monthly ACH debit program, available only through the Anthem Community Council, is the only program that allows homeowners to take advantage of monthly assessment payments.

You can find the ACC ACH debit form on the “Pay Assessments” page. The page is located under the “Residents” tab at the top, or in the featured icons in the black box on the homepage. This monthly ACH debit program is an ACC in-house payment program only and cannot be enrolled through Alliance Bank. 

Homeowners also can email to request a copy of the ACC direct debit form.

Opt in for electronic invoicing

Help the community save money on mailing costs by receiving your statement via email. Email with your name and property address, and tell us you want to OPT IN. This option is not available if you are enrolled in the ACH program (above).