Community Center remodel project begins

Everyone knows that space in Anthem is a valuable resource, and the community isn’t getting any smaller. Making sure that the Community Center is used as efficiently as possible is an important reason behind the current remodel/expansion. The remodel focuses on overall functionality, with the goal of maximizing space to provide improved workout areas and registration/service area for residents. 

The project includes modifying the first floor office space, incorporates added storage and enlarges the reception desk. To help lessen crowded conditions, enclosing the balcony space will expand the weight training area on the second floor, and new carpet and rubber flooring will be installed. A new unisex restroom and a storage room for spin bikes are also included in the remodel. 

Per Board approval from previous meetings, the costs of the project will be covered from the Enhancement or Reserve Funds, contingent on the specific nature of the expenditure. 
Estimated timeline for the project:

  • September: Staff excepts Maricopa County to approve construction documents and contractor bidding to be complete by late in the month.
  • October: Board will decide on award of contract at either the September or October Board meeting.
  • November: Based on contract award, construction could begin in early in the month.
  • December and January: Construction continues.
  • February and March: Project is expected to be completed.