Swim Lessons

Lifeguard teaching a child to swimLearning to swim is an important part of childhood, and the trained staff at the Anthem Community Center is available to help children of any age take to the water. Group lessons are available during the summer; private lessons are available year-round.

Anthem Swim University

These group-lesson courses are intended to provide a confidence-building, fun water experience for swimmers of all skill levels, from beginner to advanced. Children progress at individual rates through core skills and strokes. The Community Center is an independent authorized provider of Starfish Swimming, a nationally recognized swim-instruction curriculum developed by the Starfish Aquatics Institute. Group lessons run May-August.

Monday-Thursday morning and evening sessions; $69 for two weeks/eight sessions
Classes are broken down into the following groups, based on skill level: 
Clown Fish (Parent-Child, 1-3 yrs.): Trust, comfort, body positions, submersion, air recovery, rollover and forward movement.
Sea Horse: Trust, submersion, body position and air recovery.
Starfish: Forward movement and direction change.
Sea Turtle: Rotary movement.
Otters: Integrated movement.
Stroke Development: Strokes, endurance and technique in the deep end of the pool

Private Lessons

Half-hour private lessons are taught by a trained instructor who will teach swimming techniques, such as blowing bubbles, front and back floats, various stroke techniques and more. The lessons are designed for all levels from beginner to more advanced swimmers needing specific skill help.

Pricing structure:

  • Single lesson: $29;
  • Three lessons: $78;
  • Five lessons: $120;
  • 10 lessons: $220.

For more information on private swim lessons: Desi Valdivia, dvaldivia@anthemcouncil.com.