Teen Summer Series still has much to offer

TSSLet’s face it…summertime in Arizona can be a rough time outdoors. And you can’t spend every minute of the day in the pool cooling off. Luckily, we’ve got just the thing to keep your teen cool, and provide them with some knowledge and fun at the same time.

The Teen Summer Series is back for its fourth summer. The program runs through August 2, Tuesdays through Thursdays, from 1-3 p.m.

It’s not all fun and games when it comes  to the series—well, it’s mostly fun and games. Studies show there are great benefits for youth who get involved in camp or programs like Teen Summer Series. The American Camp Association revealed some interesting trends regarding youth-centric programs. For those youth who participated in summer programs like this one:

  • 96% said the program helped them make new friends.
  • 93% said the program helped them learn about people who were different from them.
  • 92% said the program helped them feel better about themselves.
  • 74% said they did things they were afraid to do at first.

Popular themed days return, like game days and movie days, and they’re joined by days ranging from stargazing (July 12) to a presentation about mental health (July 19) to an exciting afternoon of indoor laser tag (July 26).

Civic Building meeting and program manager Taylor McCulley is excited for the teens to experience the series. “The teens are really enjoying this year’s schedule,” said McCulley. “We blend fun activities with opportunities for them to learn and make friends.”

The series is open to participants 12 yrs. and older. $40 covers all registration costs for the series; $5 drop-in rate available for fitness classes on Wednesdays for those not registered.

Register for the series at the Civic Building or Community Center, or online.