West-side residents: Weigh in on Phoenix city budget

Residents who live west of I-17 in Anthem are also considered City of Phoenix residents. They are served by City of Phoenix water, trash, streets, etc. (whereas the east side is unincorporated Maricopa County, and receive services from companies like EPCOR, MCDOT and Republic Services).

As Phoenix residents, those on the west side are encouraged to get involved in the 2018-19 City of Phoenix budget process, which includes a series of public meetings and online comments.

On April 3, Anthem Community Council Board director and treasurer Terry Mullarkey attended a budget meeting, representing the residents of Anthem within the city's jurisdiction. At that meeting, he spoke in favor of increased law enforcement presence, voiced support for an additional fire station in the North Valley (proposed for I-17 and Jomax) and advocated for additional open space/parks in the North Valley. Opportunity Way Park, a 10-acre multi-use park on Anthem's west side, is intended for Anthem residents (as are the other Anthem community parks). However, with increased development in the North Valley, additional pressures may be felt on Anthem's open area amenities.