Pumpkins may draw wildlife

Be aware that Halloween pumpkins, as well as fall decorations like gourds or squash, attract wildlife when displayed outdoors.

Javelina and coyotes eat some of the vegetables that are part of traditional holiday displays. When displayed outdoors, they may attract wildlife to homes, potentially creating conflicts with people.

According to the Arizona Game and Fish Department, once javelinas become habituated to human-food sources, they will often roam the neighborhood on a regular basis and lose their fear of people. Javelina, especially when startled, can be aggressive toward people. They are a threat to dogs because a javelina can't tell the difference between a family pet and a coyote, one of their predators.

Game and Fish recommends that decorated pumpkins and cornucopias be displayed indoors, on window sills to be seen from outside if desired, and then discarded securely to help prevent encounters with foraging wildlife.