lifeguardsLifeguards play a critical role in keeping the ACC Community Center aquatics park a safe and friendly environment. Lifeguards are hired year-round, with an increased hiring season during the summer. Learn more about summer preparation at the ACC Community Center.

StarGuard Lifeguard Certification

Open to those ages 15 yrs. and older, these classes are for individuals looking to train as lifeguards. Participants must pass a pre-course skills test on the first day. Participants must be able to swim 300 meters continuously (100-meter front crawl, 100-meter breaststroke and an additional 100-meter crawl or breaststroke), swim 15 meters using front crawl or breaststroke, retrieve a 10-pound object, return to the surface and swim 15 meters back to starting point with object within 1 minute, 40 second and tread water for one minute in order to pass the test. They must also attend all class sessions, demonstrate competency in each required skill and correctly answer at least 80 percent of questions on each section of a written exam in order to complete the certification. StarGuard training is offered in the winter and spring. Completion of training does not guarantee a position on the ACC Community Center lifeguarding staff.

Junior Lifeguard Camp

This summer program provides youth ages 12-14 yrs. an opportunity to work alongside lifeguards while learning about aquatics safety, emergency response and teamwork. Participants must be comfortable in the water and be able to swim the full length of the pool. Registrants are required to pass a pre-course skills test on the first day and must be able to swim 200 meters, including a 100-meter front crawl and 100-meter breaststroke, as well as tread water for one minute.

Check the Activity Guide for information on upcoming certification classes and camps.

ACC Lifeguards in the News

It's pretty special when the lifeguards and aquatics staff gets the chance to make some waves. These lifesavers attend competitions and go through testing on an ongoing basis to stay up-to-date and well-versed in their craft. Check out the latest news about the staff.


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