Home Security Checklist

Anthem Neighborhood Watch offers the following tips for securing your home and property from preventable crimes of opportunity. Common sense precautions can go a long way to deter potential theft and keep our neighborhoods safe.

Lock it up.

  • Keep doors locked even when you are home and always do a "door check" before leaving the home.
  • Lock the side entry garage door unless in use.  
  • Lock the gate to side yard when access is not needed.
  • Install deadbolt locks on all your doors/security doors.
  • Know exactly who has keys to your home; limit this number. If you are unsure who has a key, change the locks. Even those trusted with keys can misplace them or lose them and most likely, your name or address is on the key. If you are a new homeowner, change the locks.
  • Lock your windows and sliding glass doors and install security bars in the window tracks when away from home.
  • Secure any “doggie door” big enough for a human to crawl through.
  • Lock the garage door when you retire at night by pressing on the lock button on the control pad inside the garage (often under the open button).
  • Don't hide a key outside the home.

Close it up.

  • Close your garage door when it is not in use. 
  • Close and lock your vehicle in the driveway or on the street. Make sure to remove all visible valuables, including the garage door opener.

Light it up.

  • Ensure that all landscape lights and motion detector lights are operating. 
  • Replace burned out bulbs above the garage and home entry.
  • Leave lights on inside the home when you leave at night and on timers when you leave for vacation.

Maintain it.

  • Untended landscaping may be a signal that no one is home. Keep trees and bushes trimmed.
  • Cut back any bushes that obscure a clear view of your windows so that potential intruders are visible to the street.
  • Cancel newspaper and other deliveries when going on vacation; if you forgot, ask a neighbor to remove the accumulated piles.
  • Activate the alarm system when leaving the home. If you do not have an alarm system, consider installing a sign or decal indicating that you do.

Bring it in.

  • Bicycles, toys and tools are crimes of opportunity waiting to happen if left outside when no one is visible. Bring them in.

Know your neighbors.

  • Be alert to what is going in the neighborhood and around neighbors’ homes.
  • Let neighbors know if their garage doors are open.
  • Call neighbors if there is suspicious activity happening around or near their home. If there is something suspicious occurring, tell your neighbor to call 911, or volunteer to call for them.
  • Watch friends’ homes when they’re away. Trade keys and contact numbers. Volunteer to pick up mail or newspapers.
  • If neighbors’ newspapers are accumulating, or there are signs that neighbors are away and may have forgotten to stop delivery, try to contact them or move the deliveries to an inconspicuous place.
  • Always have emergency numbers on hand and stored in cell phones.
  • Join the Anthem Neighborhood Watch and volunteer to serve as a Block Captain.

Plan your vacation and keep your home secure.

  • Don't announce your plans to travel in public or tell all your friends of dates when you will be away.  Trust this with the one person who will watch your home and check on it when you are away. This includes social media!
  • Never post photos of a trip while away from the home.  Wait until you return to share your trip photos.
  • Make arrangements for North Valley Posse Vacation Watch to check the perimeter of home while you are away. 602-456-2767.
  • Don't rush out the door without performing a full security check of the home, doors, garage, windows and lighting.
  • Ask a neighbor to park in your driveway periodically to make it appear someone is home.
  • Stop all mail and newspaper deliveries.  Ask a neighbor to check your front porch for any deliveries.
  • If you live in the Country Club, ensure your contact numbers are updated on the gateaccess.net website. This will be important if the gate personnel need to reach you (water running from garage, fire, other emergency).

Identity Theft and Cybersecurity

Safety isn't just about your physical person and assets in your home. Now, in the information age, it is also important to stay safe online. This includes your identity, and your confidential information (passwords, bank account numbers, etc.). Retired FBI agent Jeff Lanza has important information to protect you:

Contact Numbers

  • Emergency Police, Fire, Ambulance:
  • Anthem East (east of I-17) Non-emergency Maricopa County Sheriff Office: 
  • North Valley Posse Vacation Watch 
  • Vandalism or Graffiti in Anthem
    To report vandalism or graffiti in progress: 9-1-1
    All other reports regarding vandalism or graffiti:
    ACC Parks & Facilities Office: 623-879-3060
  • Silent Witness: Silent Witness is a crime reduction program and law enforcement tool that pays rewards for information about criminal activities that lead to the arrest of suspected criminals. 480-WITNESS.