Anthem Civic Building LED Monument Sign Application

The Anthem Civic Building electronic message board is located on the corner of Anthem Way and Venture Dr. The purpose of the electronic message board is to primarily publicize Anthem Community Council and HOA programs, meetings, performances, or public service messages and events taking place in the Anthem Civic Building which are open to the public. If space permits, the sign will be made available to groups renting rooms in the building.

Announcement applications must be submitted a minimum of ten (10) business days in advance of the requested publish date.


Individuals or groups are limited to 3 message screens at a time, based on availability. Each message screen should have no more than 10 words to include only event name, time, and date (space permitting). Communications staff reserves the right to edit any submissions for length or clarity. Design, including font style, color, and possible use of artwork will be determined by the ACC Communications Department.

The Anthem Civic Building electronic message board may display an announcement of the Renter’s event a maximum of three (3) days prior for recurring events and seven (7) days prior for one-time events. 


Refer to the LED Monument Sign Policy 7.2.24 for more information. With questions, contact or call 623-742-6050.