Veteran paver

veteran paver online form instructions

Placement of paver in the Memorial will be determined in order in which purchase is received. Donations to the Anthem Veterans Memorial are tax-deductible under the Anthem Way Foundation and are non-refundable.

To complete this form, you will need:

  • Veterans name
  • Rank/Rate and military branch
  • Years/Dates of service (this line may be left blank)
  • Special awards or honors (if applicable)

Veteran pavers must:

  • Have a maximum of three lines of text (no messages);
  • Include no more than 23 characters (including spaces) per line (please adjust name to fit the space);
  • Special honors or wars may be noted. See Military Honors on this page for examples.

First line: Name (Adjust name to fit the spaces. Do not place a period after an initial).
Second line: Rank/Rate (Write out title, use number for classification. See examples below).
Third line: Service Branch abbreviation (See list below) and Years in Service (1945-1979)

Three lines will be centered on the paver. You may elect to have only one line.

abbreviation samples

  • Military Branch: USA, USMC, USN, USAF, USCG, USMM, AZANGB, AZAFNGB (State abbreviation, A or AF, National Guard Bureau)
  • MIA/KIA/POW: Service, year entered
    • MIA (USA 1965-MIA)
    • KIA: Service, KIA, date (USA KIA 11-12-65)
    • POW: Service, years served in military POW (USAF 1965-1985 POW)
  • Active Military: Service, year entered, dash (USAF 2009- )
  • Military Honors and Other Distinctions: Honors or special distinctions are recommended to be added to the second line.
  • War/combat: Service branch, war/combat zone, years served (USMC Vietnam 1964-1966; USA OIF/OEF 2006-2014; USAF Korea 1950-1953; USAAC WWII 1942)


James T Randolf
Mst Sgt Purple Heart
USA 1963-1967

Jackie F Tomas
USMC WWII 1942-1967

John C Campell
Sgt Medal of Honor
USA 1914-1920

For assistance with this form: veteransmemorial@anthemcouncil.com623-742-4554.

veteran paver form

Paver Information

Line One (name of veteran):*
Please adjust name to fit the allotted space. (23 characters).

Line Two (rank/rate):
Rank/Rate - if you prefer not to include or do not know the veteran's rank/rate, you may leave this line blank. Special awards or honors including Medal of Honor or Purple Heart may be included here. Example: Captain Purple Heart (23 characters).

Line Three:
Service branch and date of service by years. Example: USAF 1949-1979. Special inscriptions for MIA, KIA, and POW, see samples above. If you prefer not to include or do not know the veteran's years of service, you may leave this portion blank (23 characters).

Contact Information





Zip Code:*

Phone (used only for questions):*

Email (used for questions and ACC/AVM news updates):*

IMPORTANT: Before submitting this form, verify that all information is correct. Once submitted this information cannot be changed.