memorial pavers

Veteran pavers, placed under the columns in the "Circle of Honor," continue to be sold. Pavers for families and general donors are placed in front of the benches at the Memorial. 

All available donation programs are listed below. Donations may be completed online through secure PayPal payment systems or by downloading the appropriate form and mailing payment (check or credit card). All donations are tax-deductible (less the cost associated with the paver) through the Anthem Way Foundation. The donor will receive a tax verification letter.

Thank you for your generous donation. Printable forms are available here.

A confirmation email regarding your paver, including important details that you will need to verify, will be sent after payment is processed.

The deadline for ordering pavers for the next installation is Friday, January 12 (installation on April 13, 2023). Please note that pavers previously purchased/installed cannot be relocated once placed. If you'd like a new paver to be placed on the same side of the Memorial as a previously installed paver, please indicate so on your order form; or if ordering online, indicate this once staff has contacted you to confirm your order. Staff will make every effort to place pavers accordingly.

types of pavers and donations

Veteran Pavers ($150)
Donation honors members of the Armed Forces, living or deceased, active or inactive. Veteran pavers are placed by the Memorial columns within the “Circle of Honor.”  

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Honor a Veteran Sponsorship ($150)
Donation provides a paver for a veteran who otherwise might not be honored at the Memorial. Donors who sponsor more than three veterans also will become Friends of the Memorial (reserved for those who donate $500 or more). For donations over $500, a paver will be placed in front of the second, third, or fourth bench (located at the Memorial), inscribed with the donor's name.

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Support Pavers ($200)
Donations affiliated with a business, organization, or family name are placed in front of the first and fifth benches surrounding the Memorial.

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Friend of the Memorial ($500+)
The donor receives a paver with a business or family name and a “star” designation (1-5) based on the donation tier. Pavers in this category are placed in front of one of the three center benches surrounding the Memorial.

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General Donation (Under $500)
Donations of any denomination are greatly appreciated.

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