Dog Park renewals start Oct. 1

306746940_5470434953038697_7620051636540960480_nThe Dog Park hours change on Sept. 1 for the fall and winter seasons; through April, the hours will be 6 a.m.-9:45 p.m. except for on Wednesdays when the hours are 12- 9:45 pm. Registration for Dog Park members for 2023 will begin Oct. 1, and membership can be completed online or in person by appointment at the Community Center. Ensure that your Community Center membership is in place and current.

If renewing online, log into the catalog on our website, log onto (resident/activity registration tabs) and click on the Dog Park tab. Renew under the 2023 membership. Follow the options until you make the $50 credit card annual payment (up to 2 dogs and $10 each for up to 4 dogs) and complete the transaction. Email proof of Maricopa Co dog license and rabies vaccination for each dog being registered to PLEASE NOTE: LICENSING AND RABIES DOCUMENTS NEED TO BE SUBMITTED EACH YEAR AT RENEWAL EVEN IF CURRENT DOCUMENTS ARE ON FILE.

If renewing in person, visit and find the registration materials under 'Dog Park'. Read the membership guidelines, fill out the membership application, and sign the application and waiver and release form. Call the Community Center front desk to make an appointment with the membership team. Please bring your licensing and rabies documents to that appointment. New dog tags will NOT be issued going forward, your black tags will be used in 2023.

Call the Community Center at 623-879-3011 with any questions. Remember, too, that you can purchase a paver at the Community Center to be placed at the Dog Park to remember or honor a special dog!