Over-seeding Schedule

We all love the green, green grass of Anthem. To have these lush parks, durable sports fields, and appealing walkways takes a combination of planning, farming science, homegrown patience, and tender loving care. Thankfully, ACC Parks and Facilities is taking care of the first two steps with the new Sports Turf Consistency Policy.

Residents will see a better-looking, more durable field for sporting activities because of the planning and science behind this strategy. Basically, it’s maximizing the lifecycle of the Bermuda and Rye grasses to ensure a great-looking field that can withstand the wear of sports activities.

The following parts - patience and TLC – are needed during planting. Think of this as the ‘awkward growth phase’. You’ll need to know:

  • All Sports fields will be excluded from the annual over-seeding process. This means the little league, softball, Community Park Soccer Field 1-4, and Opportunity Way Park might look a little less green for a short time. This will improve the fields’ appearance and durability like never before.
The schedule for over-seeding for other areas:
    • Aug 15 - Sept 2: progressive scalping of all Leisure Turf in the Main Park and throughout the Anthem Community.
    • Sept 2 – 9: dethatching to remove the dead grass followed by aerating that allows air, water, and nutrients to penetrate the area by putting small holes in the soil.
    • Sept 12 - Oct 12: no activities will be allowed in the Community Park (Leisure Turf and Satellite Parks) during this over-seeding and growth phase to ensure the new grass takes root to grow.

While this might seem like an inconvenience to stay off the over-seeding areas, the results will be excellent. Your patience and tender loving care while the Rye grass grows and matures means you’ll have better grass and turf for the future.