ACC Commends Maricopa County Sheriff Officers for Calm Protests

ACC Commends Maricopa County Sheriff Officers for Calm Protests

July 11, 2022, Anthem, AZ – Anthem Community Council expresses its thanks to the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office for their support with the protests that took place this past weekend in Anthem.

Anthem Community Council (ACC) immediately contacted Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) as soon as we learned of a protest planned at the Veterans Memorial in the Community Park. MCSO and ACC representatives took efforts to contact protest and counter protest organizers. All parties involved were informed their activity was not approved by ACC. It was made clear to them the park, memorial, and other ACC facilities are private property.

While we support the right of people to peacefully assemble, our obligation is to the residents of Anthem and protection of Anthem’s private parks, buildings, and other amenities.

Following the recommendations from MCSO, a plan was developed. The strategy included proactive action to ensure a calm event. While there might be a few who disagree with the tactics, the desired result to protect life, property, and keep the peace was achieved.

Our thanks to MCSO officers for their professionalism during this unusual situation. Their leadership, insights, and unselfish dedication to the Anthem Community is appreciated. Our gratitude extends to Anthem residents for their understanding and patience with a fluid situation and ACC staff who assisted with ensuring the best possible results.

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Anthem, Arizona is a master planned community located in Maricopa County, Arizona. The Anthem Community Council, Inc. serves as a unifying entity for the Anthem community. The mission of the Anthem Community Council, Inc. is to establish and maintain a governing structure which will preserve, protect and enhance the plans, policies, infrastructure and resources needed to support a sense of community, ensure sound economic development, and promote a quality of life for all Anthem residents.