Anthem youth to benefit from court repurposing

Of the more than 10,000 Anthem households, just over 8,000 have active memberships at the Community Center. Of those, 6,108 youth between the ages of 5-18 years old are registered. In the coming few months, this subset of Anthem residents will have more recreational activities to choose from in Anthem, when the stadium court (Tennis Court #1) at the Community Center is repurposed to become a multi-use court.

During the ACC Board of Directors' June open meeting, while evaluating the go-forward plan for the resurfacing of the six tennis courts (as part of the Reserve Fund schedule), the Board saw an opportunity to take one of the one-sport courts and develop it into a court with many functions, which would benefit a greater amount of Anthem residents - namely, the 6,000-plus youth. 

Planned programs for the court, once resurfaced and striped in the coming few months, will include volleyball, badminton, futsal, four-square, nine-square, and ga-ga pits. Additionally, hockey and basketball striping will be added; portable equipment will be used for this area, which will be heavily utilized by the Community Center programs staff for year-round recreational activities, youth camps, instruction, family activities, and more.

For those who participate in tennis programs, the other five tennis courts will remain intact, and also are planned for repairs and resurfacing as part of the 2021 Reserve Fund schedule.