Summertime fun at the dog park

As the temps begin to climb, finding the time to get our furry friends some exercise and fun at the dog park can become a bit tricky. Members and their canine companions avoid the scorching heat of the day, and the evening hours at the park become more popular.

With an increase in activity at the dog park, now is a great time for a few reminders that will make everyone’s experience more enjoyable.

  • Digging is a no-no: If you see your dog beginning to dig into the turf, please stop them as soon as possible. The digging and holes created can damage the turf and cause an increase in maintenance time at the park. This could cause zones, or the park itself, to close more often.
  • Pick up after Fido: As a courtesy to other members and staff, and for the safety of the other dogs, dog waste must be cleaned up immediately by dog owners and disposed of in the receptacles provided.
  • Current tags are a must: Every active dog park member should have the current tag for their pooch. 
We all want to enjoy the park and make sure it stays in tip-top shape. The reminders above, and the rules and guidelines posted at the park, are in place to ensure we get to do just that! Visit the 'Parks' page on the site for more dog park info. Thank you for doing your part and we hope you enjoy the park this summer.