Board election season is underway

A seven-member Board, made up of volunteer homeowners from each of the three homeowners’ associations (HOA), oversees Anthem. The Community Executive Officer is responsible for managing the Anthem Community Council (ACC) and with his or her staff and carrying out the policies and directives set by the Board.

Each year, an election is held for open Board seats. Individuals are elected to serve three-year terms beginning and ending in April. This year, the ACC Board will have three openings for the 2021-2024 term, one representing each of the three HOAs (Parkside, Country Club, and Village). In October, the ACC Board appointed Terry Mullarkey (who was serving as Board president) to the role of Community Executive Officer; this led to his seat representing Parkside being available. In December, the Board appointed Parkside homeowner Jacqueline Roersma to fill this vacancy; Roersma has chosen to run for a full, three-year term as part of the election cycle.

  • Jan. 5: Call for Candidates
  • Jan. 25: Deadline to file candidacy
  • Feb. 9: Meet the Candidates Nights
  • Feb. 17: Voting begins
  • March 12: Election ends
  • March 15: Verify election
  • March 17: Announce election winners
  • April: New Board members take their seats at April Board meetings
Visit the 'Elections' page for more info, and to view candidate bios.