Anthem Dog Park reminders

Anthem’s long-awaited dog park opened in November and already, dogs across Anthem are enjoying their off-leash zones. More than 400 memberships were sold in the months prior to the park opening, and those who signed up received Anthem’s 20th anniversary special. As of January 6, almost 700 memberships had been sold.

The Board-adopted user fee $50 provides registration for up to two dogs per resident household. Additional dogs (up to two more) can be added for $10 each. These costs cover key fobs and collar tags for entry for one year.

To register your dogs, make an appointment with the Community Center’s Membership Services department; call 623-879-3011. At this appointment, you will need to:

  • Ensure that your Community Center membership is in place and current. If it is not, this step needs to be completed first.
  • Read the Dog Park Membership Guidelines, fill out the Membership Application, and sign the Waiver and Release Form. These are available online or at the Community Center or Civic Building customer service desks.
  • You MUST bring your completed paperwork, and proof of Maricopa County dog license and Rabies vaccination (for each dog being registered) to your membership appointment. Without these documents, it will be necessary to reschedule your appointment.
  • Pay the first fee of $50 (and any multiple dog fees of $10 each) via credit card (Visa, MasterCard or Discover) or cash.

Now that the Anthem Dog Park is more established and members are becoming more accustomed to how weather affects operations, staff will transition from sending notifications to all members to posting the closures on Twitter and on this site (a notification box will appear at the bottom right of the screen). Members should check these to see the status of the park. Please understand that after a significant rain event, the park may remain closed (even if the weather has cleared) to allow the young turf to adequately drain and recover. 

Just like it's flu season for humans, dogs can easily transmit kennel cough to each other. Even though the ACC does not prohibit balls and toys for personal use at the dog park, take them with you when exiting the park. Items left behind can spread germs to other dogs even when their vaccinations are current.  Please be a good neighbor and take your possessions with you to protect other dog members.

Here is some helpful information about the dog park zones:

  • The zones are marked “Active” and “Passive,” and are not categorized by the size of the dog. Therefore, it’s important that you understand your dog’s personality and behavior to determine which zone to use. Dogs that like to run, chase and “stir things up” in a good natured way should be in the “Active” zone. The “Passive” zone is intended for shy or less active dogs. Aggressive or mean dogs should be removed from either zone. Feel free to switch zones during your visit, based on how your dog(s) are interacting with others.
  • If your dog is new to a dog park setting or not properly socialized, visit the park during low-use times initially to get them used to the environment and being around other dogs. This will help ensure you choose the right zone for play.

We look forward to seeing you (and your dogs) at the Dog Park, 2707 W. Meridian Drive! Learn more about the park, including hours.