Call for Board candidates; ACC leadership update

A seven-member Board, made up of volunteer homeowners from each HOA, oversees Anthem. A Community Executive Officer is responsible for managing the ACC, and with his or her staff, carrying out the policies and directives set by the Board. Each year, an election is held for open Board seats. Individuals are elected to serve three-year terms beginning and ending in April.

The ACC Board of Directors has two openings for the 2020-2023 term. The terms for Directors Dino Cotton (representing Parkside) and Roger Willis (representing Country Club) end in April. The seat vacated in 2019 by John Balzer (representing Village) also is available. To learn more about running for a seat on the ACC Board of Directors, contact Kim at

HOA elections
Each HOA also holds elections for their Boards of Directors. Parkside and the Country Club HOAs each have three seats open for election; the Village HOA has five (Village re-elects its five-member Board annually).

Visit the election page for more information about the process, as well as the election timeline. 

Online voting is conducted through a secure site, separate from this website. Residents receive ballots from their HOA with a 16-digit secure pin that serves as an individualized signature. If you do not receive your ballot, or need a replacement, please contact your HOA directly. 

ACC leadership transition
This June, Community Executive Officer Neal Shearer will retire after 10 years with the ACC. Shearer was appointed CEO in 2018, after serving as the Community Operations Officer since 2010. As part of the 2020 budget process and to allow for a smooth transition, the ACC Board approved an overlap CEO succession plan, which allows a new CEO to work alongside Shearer for a period up to two months prior to his departure. The search for the new CEO to replace Shearer is underway.

Michele DeMichele has been appointed as Community Operations Officer. She has served as the Director of Special Events for the last 11 years, along with the role of Director of Civic Building Operations since 2014. Paul Conley, the new Community Financial Officer, began his role with the ACC on January 6.