DLC Resources begins landscape contract

DLC pruningDLC Resources, Inc., is Anthem Community Council’s new landscape management contractor, taking over the contract previously held by BrightView Landscapes, LLC. Starting January 2, residents will notice white trucks and work crews moving throughout the community. Crews will be pruning several shrubs. This is part of a plan, developed with community management, to help keep the landscape healthy and beautiful.

Sustainable pruning
Several shrubs in common areas that have outgrown their designated growth spaces; some are as tall as eight feet. In many cases, they are contributing to a cluttered look, growing into surrounding shrubs and trees and covering up nearby plants.

DLC crews will move throughout the common areas pruning these shrubs. While they will be targeting all shrubs that have outgrown their growth space, many of the shrubs that will be affected are Jojobas. In most cases, the shrubs will be cut back to about two to three feet tall. Because they are currently so large, this may look like a very drastic change. However, this work will help provide a cleaner look and will provide more visibility in your common areas. In the following weeks, the shrubs will grow back to be more vibrant with a fresh, natural look.

Lantana pruning
Lantana-DLCDLC is preparing for potential frost in January and February. Lantana shrubs, the vibrant green groundcover shrub with yellow, purple, red or white flowers throughout the community, will be pruned back to help reduce the amount of frost-susceptible plant material.

Lantana are especially prevalent around focal points, such as the entry monuments. Their low-ground cover structure means there is a lot of material that would shrivel and die in a hard freeze. Reducing the size of the shrubs and creating separation between them won’t harm the shrub at all, but will create a cleaner look if they are frost-damaged. As an added bonus, this pruning will also allow us access to the granite areas underneath the shrubs where crews can take weed prevention measures.

Right now is the perfect time for this pruning work as the Lantana have just finished their blooming season. Watch for the Lantana shrubs to grow back with more vibrancy and color this spring.

Learn more on the DLC Resources website.