ACC addresses cellular service issues

The Anthem Community Council (ACC) has learned that there is misinformation circulating about cell phone towers in the area, and the reasons for poor cell phone reception. Neither the ACC nor the Homeowners' Associations (HOAs) are blocking cellular tower construction or prohibiting current towers from being used.

The ACC has current leases with cellular carriers to mount equipment on sports fields lights in Community Park, and we work cooperatively with those carriers whenever they wish to upgrade their equipment. There have been no requests for new towers on ACC property, and neither the ACC nor the HOAs are blocking efforts for expanded coverage. 

In 2016, Verizon Wireless submitted a request to Maricopa County to install a 60-foot cellular tower on EPCOR property south of Boulder Creek High School. Maricopa County granted a special use permit to Verizon in April 2018, and it is the ACC’s understanding that the parties are working to finalize this project. The ACC has no design review or other approval authority for structures on EPCOR’s water campus. 

For more information about cellular service issues in the area, Anthem News published this article in February 2018.