Wall and Fence Painting Schedule

block wall and iron view fence painting

The Anthem Community Council is responsible for common view fencing and common exterior block walls in the Parkside community. Common fencing/walls are any that have a wash or a street on the opposite side of it. The homeowner is responsible for fencing/walls between properties (party walls) and interior of block wall.

Parkside view fences are painted "Spruce Island" and the block walls are painted "Stonington."

the painting process

  • Painters will paint the inside and outside of your view fence on the common area side(s) only.
  • Painters will paint the outside of the block walls on the common area(s) only. 
  • You will receive a notice letter from Premier Painting, either hand-delivered or taped to the garage or front door, seven-ten days prior to painting in the neighborhood. 
  • Homeowners/tenants must remove all plants and rabbit fencing prior to the scheduled paint day.
  • Landscapers will trim bushes, plants and trees outside the common walls and view fences as needed. 
  • Direct questions to ACC Parks and Facilities Maintenance at 623-879-3028.

Schedules are based on painting iron view fences every five years and exterior block walls every seven years. The approved 2021 schedule is tentative and is subject to change.

block wall fence start date (2021-3rd quarter)

  • Unit 71 Opus*
  • Unit 101 Paseo*
  • Unit 11 Enchantment
  • Unit 1 Echelon
  • Unit 2  Heritage
  • Unit 3 Jubilation
  • Unit 4 Overture
  • Unit 10 Heritage
  • Unit 12  Traditions
  • Unit 15  Reunion
  • Unit 23  Vintage
  • Unit 33  Sundance
  • Unit 45 Larkspur
  • Unit 47 Clearview
*indicates work being done in 2nd quarter.

iron view fence start date (no 2021 dates scheduled)