Go Green

go green details

Sept. 26, 2020 | 8–11 a.m. 
Community Park lower parking lot
41703 N. Gavilan Peak Parkway
Anthem residents only (proof of residency required)

If mandatory mask policies are still in place within Maricopa County on Sept. 26, residents will be required to wear masks to drive through Go Green, as there is face-to-face interaction between residents and staff working the event.

The Anthem Community Council teams up with Republic Services, ProShred, MCSO and other community partners to offer Anthem residents the opportunity to recycle electronics, personal documents, bulk cardboard, paint and other items.

Vehicles must be in line by 10:45 a.m. to participate. Enter the lower lot from Freedom Way to Whitman Drive only, then exit onto Gavilan Peak Parkway only. 

Stations below are listed in order as vehicles enter the lot. The numbers match those found on the Go Green site map.

1.) medications - mcso

  • Bottled prescription and non-prescription drugs
  • Note that NO medical sharps (needles) of any kind will be accepted

2.) donate - st. vincent de paul

  • Non-perishable food items, clothing, new undergarments (bras, under shirts, underwear, boxers), new socks, new or gently-used shoes, toothbrushes/toothpaste, diapers, books, luggage (rolling and duffle bags), new toiletries, new or gently-used blankets, re-usable water bottles, empty prescription bottles, gently used toys, and new school supplies. View complete list.

3.) paint/household hazardous waste - safety kleen

  • All kinds of paint (no limit to amount being disposed; however, only residential is allowed, not commercial)
  • Lacquers, thinners, wood preservatives and stains
  • Solvents, paint removers, gasoline, diesel fuel, lighter fluid, waste oil, pesticides, fertilizers, drain/oven cleaners, adhesives, pool chemicals, aerosol cans, etc.

4.) electronics recycle - westech

  • Electrical items, telecom and audio/visual equipment 
  • Computer Equipment: PCs, laptops, CRT/LED/LCD monitors, modems, switches, hubs and routers, storage devices, main frames, servers, power supplies, tape libraries, circuit boards, power cords, printers, wire and cabling, surplus metals, mice, keyboards, docking stations, hard drives, floppy, DVD and CD drives
  • Point of Sale Equipment: Credit card machines, printers, scanners, hand-held bar code scanners
  • Telecom Equipment: Telephones, cell phones, switches, CSU/DSU multiplexing equipment, phone systems, answering systems, two-way radios, servers and routers
  • Printing Equipment: Printers, fax machines and copiers and calculators
  • Audio/Visual Equipment: Televisions (LCD/LED), stereos, radios, amplifiers, projectors, satellite and cable equipment, camera and video equipment, VCRs, CD players, CD Rom/DVD drives, video game equipment, surveillance/security equipment, cameras, broadcasting equipment and communications equipment
  • Electronic Components: Diodes, resistors, transistors and integrated circuits and circuit boards
  • Miscellaneous Electronic Items: AC adaptors, calculators, credit card machines, test equipment, lab equipment, medical equipment (no radioactivity), cables and wire, connectors, ballasts, power strips and fax machines
  • Surplus metals, wire and cable (aluminum and copper wire)

5.) glass/bulk items - republic services

  • Bulk materials (e.g. furniture, mattresses, panes of glass, etc.), excluding yard waste; and small Household Appliances: i.e. toasters, blenders, etc. will be accepted.

6.) lighting/batteries - lighting resources llc

  • Bulbs including fluorescent, circular, U-bend, compact, incandescent, LED, projection, HID, shatter-shield fluorescents, non-PCB and PCB
  • CFLs and other fluorescent bulbs
  • Any type of batteries, Mercury devices (liquid Mercury devices must be in their own sealed container to prevent leakage if item breaks)
  • CRTs

7.) cardboard - republic services

  • Cardboard items; please break down the cardboard as much as possible to save space

8.) shred - proshred (secure)

  • Bank statements, check stubs and credit card offers
  • Limit of five (5) banker-sized/computer paper boxes per car
  • Residential only; no business documents

items that will NOT be accepted

  • Tires, medical sharps, items containing PCBs (transformers, capacitors, fluorescent light ballasts), pressurized tanks (filled or not, including oxygen, helium, fire extinguishers, propane tanks), ammunition or explosives, any items containing Freon