Volunteer! Become an Anthem Ambassador & Make a Difference!

A "volunteer" is one who freely gives of their time and talents to benefit a person, cause or organization. Here in Anthem, we refer to our volunteers as "Ambassadors," because in addition to giving their time and talents, they are helping to spread the good news of the community and build a greater sense of belonging. Indeed, by volunteering in Anthem, you represent and promote the community as its voice.

Below are some of the roles in which Anthem residents can serve as an Ambassador. Take some time to read through them, and find one that has your name on it!



General Anthem Opportunities

Get involved!

Anthem Neighborhood Watch (ANW) Committee

Anthem Veterans Memorial Support Team (AVMST) Committee

Community Planning and Development Committee 
No openings at this time.

Economic Development Committee 
No openings at this time.

Fiscal and Resource Management Committee 

Utilities Panel 
(2+ positions)

Anthem Civic Building events

Anthem Civic Building Welcome Center

Coach (sports)

Community Park Playground Monitor


In keeping with the mission statement of the Anthem Community Council (ACC), the goal of the volunteer program is to assist staff and the organization in providing the best possible customer service for ACC patrons. Volunteers make valuable contributions to ACC programs and staff support and allows the ACC to keep staffing (and therefore costs) low. Volunteers are not paid and are not employees of ACC. Volunteers will not receive any economic benefit from ACC for serving as a volunteer. Some volunteer positions, especially those working with children, require a background check. Contact volunteer@anthemcouncil.com with questions or to get started.