Support Team

The Anthem Veterans Memorial Support Team (AVMST) is an affiliate group of the Anthem Community Council. With the dedication of the Anthem Veterans Memorial (AVM) on Nov.11, 2011, the extraordinary vision and efforts of the Veterans Memorial Planning Committee (now known as the AVMST) became a lasting legacy to the nation’s veterans.

While core operational responsibilities associated with the maintenance and security of the AVM are managed by ACC staff, several important support activities such as fundraising, programming, community outreach, and the Memorial Day (May) and Veterans Day (Nov.) Ceremonies are coordinated by the AVMST.

AVMST Charter (Part 5, Section 2)
Volunteer with the AVMST
Submit a Veterans Service Award nomination

Support Team Members

Ron Tucker, Chair
Tom Derryberry, Daisy Mountain Veterans Liaison
Chuck Hale, Daisy Mountain Veterans Liaison
Renee Palmer-Jones, Memorial designer
George Walker, American Legion Post 128 Liaison
Liz Turner, Marketing and Fundraising 
Chris Morrison, Technical Support Consultant

Questions about the AVM? Contact Marcus Petty, Communications Specialist