water rate case summary

2017-18 Water Rate Case

According to a September 2015 decision from the Arizona Corporation Commission(AzCC), EPCOR was required to file a water rate case. The company filed the case August 18, 2017, giving the AzCC the information it needs to make a decision on the policy of water consolidation, based on fresh financial data from 2016. The two options are:

  • Keep the 11 water districts the way they are today (status quo/standalone)
  • Or, bring them all together as one district (consolidation)

View the docket to read the Administrative Law Judge's Recommended Opinion and Order, which recommended standalone rates. On Jan. 25, 2019, the Commission failed to reach a decision on the case and it was closed. EPCOR must file an application for interim rates, which will take effect in March 2019. Then, the company must file a new rate case. That process could take 12-24 months, based on the timeline of the 2017-2018 case.

The ACC continues to advocate on Anthem ratepayers' behalf for full or partial consolidation, for rate relief. 

Visit the EPCOR website for more information. Call 1-800-383-0834 to discuss your bill or email EPCOR directly.

Supporting Documents

wastewater case summary

2016-17 Wastewater Rate Case

The Arizona Corporation Commission, at their open meeting June 13, 2017, approved full consolidation of the five wastewater districts. The fully phased-in flat rate will be $38.59 per month (with no additional charge based on water usage). The phase-in will take place in five annual steps, as shown below:

Step 1; 7/1/17: $59.15
Step 2; 7/1/18: $55.39 
Step 3; 7/1/19: $51.63
Step 4; 7/1/20: $47.89
Step 5; 7/1/21: $38.59

Historical documents available upon request. Additional information on water-wastewater rate design is also available on EPCOR's website.

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