water rate case summary

2017-18 Water Rate Case

According to a September 2015 decision from the Arizona Corporation Commission(AzCC), EPCOR was required to file a water rate case. The company filed the case August 18, 2017, giving the AzCC the information it needs to make a decision on the policy of water consolidation, based on fresh financial data from 2016. The two options are:

  • Keep the 11 water districts the way they are today (status quo)
  • Or, bring them all together as one district (consolidation)

The rate case process takes about a year – the AzCC is expected to make a decision by September 8, 2018. You can download a summary of the application. View the full case filing. View the postcard mailed to all Anthem homes in April 2018.

Submit a Public Comment

Visit the Arizona Corporation Commission website and follow these steps:

  • Type “EPCOR Water Arizona, Inc.” for the Company Name in the drop-down menu search. 
  • The eDocket number is WS-01303A-17-0257. The Anthem Community Council recommends your position be “FOR”consolidation, which ultimately will result in lower rates.

Visit the EPCOR website for more information. Call 1-800-383-0834 to discuss your bill or email EPCOR directly.

Supporting Documents

wastewater case summary

2016-17 Wastewater Rate Case

The Arizona Corporation Commission, at their open meeting June 13, 2017, approved full consolidation of the five wastewater districts. The fully phased-in flat rate will be $38.59 per month (with no additional charge based on water usage). The phase-in will take place in five annual steps, as shown below:

Step 1; 7/1/17: $59.15
Step 2; 7/1/18: $55.39 
Step 3; 7/1/19: $51.63
Step 4; 7/1/20: $47.89
Step 5; 7/1/21: $38.59

Historical documents available upon request. Additional information on water-wastewater rate design is also available on EPCOR's website.

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