Park Facility Reservations

Community Park and Opportunity Way Park offer the perfect places for almost any event or gathering. Numerous facilities are available for rent, including picnic ramadas, athletic courts and fields, a pavilion and an amphitheater, offering an ideal space for any occasion.

Below, find details regarding rentable facilities. If interested in renting any of these spaces, download and complete a facility rental request form and return it to the Community Center front desk. Reservations are taken on a first-come, first-served basis and will be confirmed upon full payment of fees and approval by Community Center management. Download a reservation form.

Events of a larger scale or attendance might be classified as special events and require a separate form; amphitheater rentals must fill out a special events request form and require special permits for amplified sound. Special event reservations must be made a minimum of 90 days in advance. Download a special event request form.

Ramadas are listed separately and require a separate form. View ramada rental information.

For specific location information see Community Park map and Opportunity Way Park map.

Reservations can be made up to 90 days in advance, but must be made at least 72 hours prior to the event, and are available during normal hours of operation, unless otherwise noted. Reservations can only be made by Anthem residents, and those with reservations have priority usage. Availability is not guaranteed with submittal of form, only upon payment. A two-hour minimum is required. Rentals are not available during ACC-designated events.



The outdoor amphitheater, found near the center of Community Park, features a concrete pad stage/dance area suited for concerts, speakers or gatherings. Guests can enjoy tiered grass seating overlooking the concrete area. This amenity is equipped to accommodate live music. Amplified sound must be kept to a reasonable level so as not to disturb adjacent residential neighborhoods.

Hourly Rate: $36 resident, $100 non-resident*, $100 corporate, $75 non-profit

All Amphitheater rentals are considered special events. Amphitheater rentals require a $100 non-refundable amplified sound permit fee. Additionally, a refundable $250 security deposit is required.
*Non-residents are only permitted to rent/reserve the amphitheater in the Park. Rentals are a two-hour minimum.


Softball Fields

Four softball fields at Community Park feature covered dugouts, moveable bases, concession stands access and centralized restrooms. Softball Field #1 also includes covered bleachers.

Hourly Rate: $12 resident, $68 corporate



Little League Baseball Fields

Three regulation size Little League baseball fields with scoreboards are located in proximity to concession stands and restrooms. Field #1, also known as Coleman Field in honor of the late MCSO Deputy Bill Coleman.

Hourly Rate: $12 resident, $68 corporate


Soccer/Multi-use Fields

Community Park
These four main fields are designed for soccer but can also be used for other sports and activities (tackle football allowed on Field #2 only). Fields #1, #2 and #4 are equipped with 11v11 goals, while Field #3 is equipped with 9v9 goals. In addition, two 4v4 fields are located between Field #3 and Field #4 - these small fields require teams to set-up their own portable goals.

Opportunity Way Park
These fields are designed for soccer, but can also be used for other sports and activities, excluding tackle football. Field configurations for soccer are as follows: Field 1 - 11v11 (not currently open for play), Fields 1a and 1b - 7v7 with regulation goals, Field 2 - 9v9 with regulation goals, Fields 3a and 3b - 4v4 with regulation goals.

Hourly Rate: $12 resident, $68 corporate

Volleyball Courts

Community Park features four sand volleyball courts, two with women’s-height nets and two with men’s-height nets. All four courts are equipped with a misting system and timer lights.

Hourly Rate: $6 resident, $18 corporate



Roller Hockey Rink/Pickleball Courts

The near-regulation-size roller hockey rink features a scoreboard and covered bleachers. During the morning hours, the rink is converted into four regulation-size pickleball courts. Pickleball courts can be reserved from 6 a.m.-noon Monday-Saturday, while the hockey rink is available for rental from noon-9:45 p.m. Monday-Saturday. Equipment for Pickleball play is available at the Community Center front desk.

Hourly Rate: $12 resident, $68 corporate


Tennis Courts

Six USTA-regulation-size outdoor tennis courts are available at the Community Center. These courts are located near restrooms and other Community Center amenities.

Hourly Rate: $5 resident, $24 corporate



Anthem Veterans Memorial

The award-winning Anthem Veterans Memorial offers a quiet place of reflection for veterans, their family and visitors. Any event or gathering using the AVM as a backdrop must maintain the dignity and respect inherent to the Memorial and those visiting it. Rental area applies to the northwest upper grassy area of the Park, adjacent to the Memorial, allowing the structure to be used as a backdrop.

Hourly Rate: $25, free for military use as outlined in AVM use guidelines

Download Anthem Veterans Memorial reservation form.

Please refer to the ACC Board Policy Manual for a complete list of facility rules and regulations (section 5.2) or view the Facility Use Guidelines.

Take a look at other facility reservation options at the Community Center and Anthem Civic Building.