Parks & Facilities

ACC's Parks & Facilities Department is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of ACC-owned common areas and facilities, including the 63-acre Community Park with high quality sports fields, fishing lakes, Veterans Memorial, Adventure Playground and other popular amenities; Liberty Bell Park & Splash Pad; the Anthem Civic Building; Opportunity Way Park; the Anthem entrance fountains facilities, and common areas not maintained by HOAs, along with oversight of:

  • 8 miles of barbed wire fence
  • 15 miles of walking, biking, and pedestrian trails
  • 50 acres of turf
  • 350 acres of desert landscaped area
  • 1,400 acres of protected washes and open space
  • 20,000 trees
  • 4.4 million square feet of common walls and view fences

This department also oversees a variety of service contracts relating to landscape maintenance, lake and pump maintenance, janitorial cleaning and support, and painting.

View the Parks on the Community Map, under the "Recreation and Amenities" tab.

Its mission is to provide high quality and cost effective maintenance services to ensure that the ACC’s amenities are clean, safe, attractive, and a source of continual pride for Anthem residents.