One block, one person at a time makes a difference

There are many ways to be a good neighbor, and several ways to be a part of Anthem Neighborhood Watch’s
(ANW) program to help Anthem maintain low crime ANW signrates and high ratings as one of the Valley’s safest communities.

As we head into the upcoming fall season, opportunities to learn more, volunteer and participate will be an important part of ANW’s outreach to the community. ANW’s Autumnfest booth will feature informative handouts and giveaways, and the October 20 “Getting Arizona Involved in Neighborhoods” (GAIN) events will give neighbors a chance to get together in their respective communities to promote safety and neighborhood communication, meet with local law enforcement and community management, and to celebrate crime prevention through community involvement.

GAIN events on October 20

National Night Out began in 1984, but in Arizona, it has evolved over the years into GAIN and was moved to the fall due to weather considerations. The event is a national law enforcement-led campaign aimed at promoting positive police and community relationships while bringing back a true sense of community. Phoenix Police Department officers will stop by west-side neighborhood events on October 20; Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office deputies have been invited to visit east-side neighborhoods.

Dedicated volunteers, including block and neighborhood captains, staff all of these events. Captains include residents who have signed up to help keep watch on their surroundings, know their neighbors and stay informed. The block watch concept is at the heart of ANW, and the goal of the group is to have a captain for every block in Anthem. It doesn’t take much time (less than an hour a month), but it goes a long way toward preventing crime and maintaining a safe community.

To learn more about ANW, and the GAIN events on October 20, visit the ANW webpage.