Dog days of summer for Bermuda grass

When Bermuda grass is over seeded with winter rye grass to create lush green grass in the cooler months, it takes time for the rye grass to die out and the summer Bermuda grass to snap out of its dormant state when temperatures rise.

During this transition period, it is common to see unsightly brown patches in the grass. The Bermuda grass in the Community Park is extra stressed because it does not have adequate time to grow before it is scalped for over seeding in late August/early September to accommodate the active fall sports and special events season.

This cycle of annual over seeding and over use will gradually deteriorate the Bermuda grass, even with extra care through aeration, dethatching and fertilization.

The ACC budgets each year to re-sod sections of the sports fields and upper Park with new Bermuda grass. In addition, because Bermuda grass cannot be sustained year after year in shaded areas, some of these areas are strategically converted to desert landscaping. Check the page for the ACC’s turf maintenance schedule and other helpful information to learn more.