"Art in Public Places" artist of the week: Eileen Brosius

Eileen Brosius was part of a small group of Anthem artists that helped launch the idea of art being displayed in the Civic Building. “Art in Public Places” was born from her group’s diligence and love of art. Hundreds of pieces have since graced the walls and shelves of the Civic Building, with some of those pieces being purchased by residents for their own private collections. The ACC would like to thank Eileen for helping to pioneer this program and for bringing the art community together.

Eileen has certainly made up for lost time when it comes to her artwork. Prior to being an Anthem resident for the past four years, she lived a busy life in California. Between running a business with her husband (Jay, also an artist) and raising five children, there simply wasn’t enough time to explore her artistic side. However, in recent years, she has devoted more time to her art in a number of different mediums.

Eileen’s start in the art world was from inspiration received by a mentor who lives in Scottsdale, AZ, Kelby Love. He taught Eileen how to paint utilizing simple concepts termed “paint-by-number” and “paint-what-you-see,” which helped encourage her newfound artistic endeavors.

Eileen has compiled quite the art catalog in a short time. She enjoys all types of mediums, from different styles of painting to sculpture. She was a novice at painting people when she received an interesting opportunity for a commissioned piece by the famous Indy racecar driver Bobby Rahal’s family to paint a piece featuring Rahal and his son.  

Follow Eileen on her Facebook page and she may even let you name a piece of her art. That’s right, she lets her followers name all of her work!