Parkside plans neighborhood park upgrades

Anthem Parkside Community Association (APCA or Parkside) plans enhancements to neighborhood parks in the coming weeks.

Installation of an Exerplay swing set and concrete bench for the Reunion neighborhood park are scheduled. The concrete bench will be installed in about 4-5 weeks while the Exerplay swing set will be ready for residents to use by spring time.  

Additional neighborhood park improvements include the following:

  • New concrete tables and benches at Denali, Copper Basin and Blossom parks
  • Tot turf replacement at Inspiration, Enchantment, Yorktown and Blossom parks
  • BBQ grill has been replaced in Blossom park.
  • Painting of park ramadas will be complete in early spring.

These improvements are a result of recommendations made to the APCA Board by the Neighborhood Parks Committee (NPC) and are part of the pre-approved five-year plan for park improvements. The majority of these park enhancement projects are funded from the Parkside Reserve Study.

The Neighborhood Parks Committee, comprised of Anthem residents, meets monthly with the APCA community manager to identify necessary park maintenance and suggest improvements. Meetings are held the first Monday of each month at 10 a.m. in the HOA offices. Parkside residents are welcome to attend.

To learn more about the NPC, or submit a suggestion for a park improvement, email the NPC directly at