Keep Anthem safe and beautiful

Ducks in parkOne of the great aspects of living in Arizona is the ability to enjoy the outdoors, virtually year-round. The options for fun are plentiful, and include community parks and playgrounds, splash pads, fishing lakes, ramadas and the water park.

With so many options and so many residents taking advantage of these amenities, it’s important we all work together to keep them in great shape. The first step is following the posted rules. In most cases, signs are posted that explain the do’s and don’ts, or read the Facility Use Guidelines on this website. Doing so can help prevent issues from arising on-site.

We all know Anthem loves its pets, so let’s all make sure we are picking up after them. Nobody wants to find a “surprise” when out walking. There are pet waste disposal containers throughout Community Park, Opportunity Way Park, neighborhood parks and along trails; use these to dispose of the bags rather than leaving them at the scene.

As fall temperatures return, the lakesides will be packed with people and their fishing poles. Only barbless hooks are allowed when fishing. Residents and ACC staff are finding barbed hooks at an alarming rate; these pose a threat to both people and animals.

Speaking of the animals, do not feed the wildlife in the park. The waterfowl, especially, can become sick and the population overcrowded when they become dependent on humans feeding them. Bread, popcorn and other popular food tossed to them also clogs the lake pumps and filters, which can then pose threats to the fish.

We’re all proud of Anthem’s beauty; let’s work together to keep it that way.