Board meeting highlights from November

Date Modified: Thu, 01/19/2017 - 4:58pm
The following is a recap of the November Village Board meeting. The Village Board of Directors discussed or took action on the following items:
Save the dates Jan. 21, and Feb. 11. In an effort to ensure that only current Owners and residents of the Village have key cards to access the pool area, workout room and pedestrian gates, the Board is requiring that all white key cards be registered to the assigned unit. On the dates listed above, please bring your white key card(s) and two forms of identification to the pool area to register your cards.
A mailing will be sent to all Owners advising them of this requirement and with more  details about times. All cards not registered will have access turned off on Feb. 13. This action has been necessitated because former Owners and residents are still in possession of key cards and have access to amenities.  
Additionally, a violation letter will be sent to all Owners whose security/screen door is not painted the approved color according to the CC&Rs. Homeowners will have until March 30 to comply with the CC&Rs.
Also, at the meeting, the Board approved that the step safety strips be repainted, as the previously painted red strips have not held up to the test of time. It was also requested that the Board look into options to provide shade areas by the pool.  
Thank you to all the residents who attended the November meeting. Your comments and feedback on the issues were welcome.