Highlights from the May Board meeting

Date Modified: Wed, 07/12/2017 - 10:39am

Aerial view of the Village at Anthem during the day.At the May 16 Village Board meeting, the following announcements were made. 

Projects completed

  • Sidewalk repairs have been made.
  • Barrel cacti have been replaced in the garage  bullnose planters.
  • Selective pruning has been completed.
  • Annual landscaping outside the perimeter fencing completed (street side).
  • The pool was partially drained to introduce fresh water.

Old business

  • As the in-ground up lighting originally installed by the builder has deteriorated and is no longer working, the Board will decide which locations to upgrade, and then obtain quotes.
  • Two umbrella stands will be installed in the lounge area by the pool on a trial basis to assess whether or not they will be useful in providing shade. Residents must provide their own umbrella.

New Business

  • The Property and Liability Insurance has been renewed.
  • The Board discussed two proposals for renovating the cool deck around the pool. Since the quotes varied in price and scope, the Board will obtain more detailed information from the vendors.
  • Removing the white planter box and extending the concrete pad around the pool is under consideration to allow more lounge space. This work will be done at the time of the cool deck renovation, if approved.
  • The Board voted to increase the memory chip in the call box, as memory capacity has been reached.