Review January Board meeting highlights

Date Modified: Fri, 03/17/2017 - 9:20am

Since the November Board meeting, Village residents have seen a number of improvements: a new pool heater was installed and the spa heater fixed; sidewalks that were lifting have been repaired; and safety stripes were repainted on steps. 

Owners who received violation letters stating their security/screen doors need painting have until March 30 to comply with the CC&Rs.

At the meeting, the Board discussed options for shade areas around the pool and Russian sage or slipper plants replacing cactus in the bullnose planters. Registration to update the pool/fitness area keycard database continues. Keycards that were not registered by Feb. 13 no longer have access. The Board accepted the 2015 Audit by Mansperger, Patterson, & McMullin, and voted to have a compilation audit performed for 2016. Selective pruning to the landscaping was approved; 30% of the plants will be cut back as needed every other year. 

Ballots to elect the new Village Board of Directors are due March 17, or bring your ballot to the March 21 meeting. There was not a quorum for the 2016 Annual Meeting because not enough ballots were returned.