Titan: Mosquitos will be a problem this year

Date Modified: Mon, 04/10/2017 - 11:26am

Mosquito pressure is higher in the Valley this year, which means residents should take extra steps to protect themselves and their lots from infestation. Common areas and facilities in Anthem will be sprayed with a backpack fogger, which will kill mosquitoes and flies on contact for two to three days. It will also leave a 30-day residual to sterilize adults to prevent them from reproducing. 

Titan Pest Control explains how residents can take steps to protect their homes:

  • Make sure all water deposits and containers are covered and sealed.
  • Change the water and brush the insides of sinks.
  • Pour out water from flower pots and replace with damp sand.
  • Turn over containers during rain storms to prevent standing water.
  • Change out water in interior vases weekly (pour the water out in the rocks outside).

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