Paseo irrigation will switch from potable to reclaimed

Date Modified: Wed, 05/24/2017 - 1:12pm

In an effort to save money on escalating irrigation costs, the Anthem Community Council (ACC), EPCOR Water and BrightView Landscapes, LLC. have devised a plan to switch from potable to less expensive reclaimed water for the ACC-owned common areas in Paseo. The switch is estimated to save between $30,000 and $40,000 in first year irrigation cost, expenses which are charged to Paseo homeowners as a benefited assessment. This plan was approved by the ACC Board of Directors at the July 27, 2016 Board meeting.

As the cost of potable water has increased, the cost to irrigate Paseo’s common areas has also increased significantly. Through research into the location of EPCOR’s reclaimed water lines, ACC staff located a reclaimed line adjacent to Paseo that could be tapped into in order to irrigate the landscaped common areas within Paseo. With assistance from EPCOR and BrightView, the least expensive connection route was identified to convert the irrigation system from potable water to reclaimed water - the same water that is used to irrigate Community Park and the Anthem Civic Building. The cost of this project is estimated to be less than $16,000; the ACC would pay this cost and be repaid from the savings that will accrue from reduced irrigation bills in the first few months after the conversion to reclaimed water (return on investment).  

The location of the work necessary to switch from potable to reclaimed water will occur between Venture Drive and Turtle Hill Drive with a small trench running north, close to the sidewalk along Parker Lane. This trench will run to the connection point in a grassy area on the southwest corner of Turtle Hill Drive and Parker Lane. 

According to ACC Parks and Facilities Director Jim Metcalf, "Once the work has begun, it should be completed in less than two weeks. This work will require a short interruption to the potable water service to Paseo homes which will involve advance notification to homeowners.”

The project is planned for the month of August. EPCOR will notify residents directly of water disruption; the short shutdown is anticipated between 9 a.m.-3 p.m. on Aug. 19 (approximately two hours during this time frame).

View an aerial map of the irrigation lines >>