Five signs you might have termites

Date Modified: Thu, 01/26/2017 - 1:36pm

Termites, otherwise known as silent invaders, are responsible for $5 billion worth of damage to homes every year. They typically live in colonies underneath your home and inside the walls, entering your structure through cracks in the foundation.

The following are indicators that your home may have been invaded by termites:

  1. An actual swarm is a telltale sign that termites are present and you should contact a pest management professional. If possible, capture some of them or their wings in a glass jar to show to the pest management professional.
  2. A large number of winged insects emerge from the ground (typically in the spring or early summer). These may be termites looking to pair up and reproduce.
  3. Finding a pile of wings, usually in the basement during the springtime.
  4. You discover a wooden section around the perimeter of your home that, when tapped on, sounds hollowed out. Termites eat wood from the inside out and may be to blame. You’ll need to replace the wood and have a complete termite treatment by a professional.
  5. You notice mud tunnels or tubes about the size of the width of a pencil along interior or exterior walls. Termites build tunnels to travel from their nest to their food in tunnels.

A termite infestation is not a problem to ignore. If termites have invaded your home, be sure to have an ongoing plan to control them in order to protect your largest investment, your home.

When treated properly by a pest management professional, termites can be controlled, and your property can be protected.