Landscape tip - check your irrigation

Date Modified: Wed, 04/12/2017 - 1:50pm
As we approach the warmer months, it’s a good time to check your irrigation system – especially if it has been turned off during the cooler winter months. It is always best to hire a qualified professional, but if you choose to do the task yourself, following these few simple steps can help prevent damage to the pipes and irrigation components.
Irrigation System Check:
  • Be sure clocks are in working order. Change the batteries where applicable.
  • Open the system main water valve slowly to allow pipes to fill with water gradually.
  • With the irrigation on, check all heads and emitters.
  • Check each zone for proper operating pressure, proper rotation and adjustment of sprinkler heads. Low pressure indicates a line break or missing sprinkler.
Watering guidelines:
  • Apply roughly one inch of water per week to Bermuda lawns.
  • Deep water non-desert trees that are flowering and/or leafing.
  • Ensure trees and vegetables are getting regular moisture.
  • Increase watering times/frequencies on shrubs.
  • Give extra water to newly installed plants and/or trees.
Following these steps will help to prolong the life of your irrigation system, improving watering efficiency and saving you time and money.