Keep your vehicle and home safe while on vacation

Date Modified: Wed, 06/21/2017 - 2:39pm

Keeping your home and vehicle locked is common sense. The season of warmer weather when kids will be out of school and families will be on vacation is prime time for thieves. Here are a few reminders to help keep your home and vehicle safe from potential theft:


  • Lock all doors (even when you are home).
  • Install a deadbolt on doors for added security.
  • Keep garage door closed when not in use.
  • Don’t hide a key outside the home or under your vehicle – leave it with a friend.
  • Ask a friend or neighbor to keep an eye on your house while you’re away.
  • Purchase a programmable light switch timer to automatically turn your lights on and off.
  • Close all windows; remove valuables from sight.
  • Do not post on social media that you will be gone or for how long.
  • Stop mail and newspaper delivery so they don’t pile up, an obvious sign the house is vacant.


  • Keep your car locked and windows rolled up any time you are not in it.
  • Remove all valuables from sight – including the garage door opener.
  • If possible, keep your vehicles parked inside the garage with the garage door closed.
  • Install an anti-theft system, especially if it is not possible to park your vehicle in the garage (many insurers offer discounts for these).

By following these simple tips, you and your family can rest assured that your home and vehicle remain safe during your time away.