Adopt-A-Park program enlists volunteers

Date Modified: Fri, 04/28/2017 - 9:40am

Logo for Adopt-A-ParkThe Adopt-A-Park program currently has 24 out of 31 neighborhood parks adopted. This program provides an opportunity for Parkside residents to make a meaningful contribution in their neighborhoods and in the Anthem community by assuming some responsibility for the tidiness and safety of their neighborhood parks. The APCA is currently looking for more volunteers to adopt the remaining 7 neighborhood parks.

What is Adopt-A-Park?

The Adopt-A-Park program enlists volunteers to periodically visit a particular park, pick-up litter, and note any damage and unsafe conditions. A sponsor may be an individual, a couple or a family, community group, church or business. BrightView schedules weekly services for the parks, however, conditions develop between professional service visits and these are the times volunteers can contribute a valuable service.

What are the requirements?

  • The Sponsor must reside in Anthem and preferably live within a reasonably short walking or biking distance of the adopted park.
  • Sponsors are asked to check their parks frequently (at least once per week), pick-up litter, tidy the ramada and play structure (remove tape, old party decorations, etc), scoop objectionable poop, and report park damages and equipment breakages and other issues to the NPC or to the Parkside manager. Other assistances, such as sweeping sand and gravel from walkways and tot turf (a slipping hazard), are encouraged.
  • Sponsors will be given an initial supply of vinyl gloves and a simple poop scooper upon request.
  • The NPC will provide a primary liaison with Sponsors.
  • Sponsors are at their own risk of injury, as are all park users. 
  • Sponsors will be recognized by the APCA unless the Sponsor requests otherwise.

What is the sponsor commitment?

Sponsors serve for an initial, renewable, period of two (2) years. Sponsorships are terminable by Sponsors and by the APCA with 30-days notice.

How can I become an Adopt-A-Park volunteer?

To become an Adopt-A-Park volunteer, visit to view and print an application or pick up a copy at the APCA office. After completing the application, return it to the APCA office or email or Mary Beth Zahn. For more information on the program, contact the APCA community manager at 623-742-6004.