U-Haul enjoys a successful 2016 in Anthem

Date Modified: Mon, 01/30/2017 - 1:50pm

Many new businesses, both big and small, are scheduled to open in Anthem over the coming months. Success for existing businesses is a key factor in attracting new companies. U-Haul is the perfect example of this.

U-Haul locations in Anthem had a successful 2016; with 53.6 percent of one-way truck rentals coming into the community, as opposed to leaving for other destinations. Those numbers help explain why Anthem ranks sixth among the U-Haul Top 25 U.S. growth cities.

These growth rankings are calculated by using the net gain of arriving U-Haul trucks compared to departing trucks. This data is a good indicator of how well cities do at attracting new residents. Business is certainly booming in our community.

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